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Welcome to the dental practice of Kathrin and Christian Hanke. We are well-established as the first certified solo dental practice in the Rhein-Main area.

Dentist-WiesbadenWe specialise in pediatric care and aestetic and preventitive treatment. Our over-riding goal is preventitive oral medicine.

The most important step on your way to optimal oral health is your twice yearly cleaning / checkup. We cleanse your teeth and gums with a special fluoride solution and advise you about long-term oral hygiene.

Every patient, regardless of age, is instructed personally how to thoroughly clean all surface areas of the teeth and gums in order to prevent oral disease. Approximately 95% of all bacteria are found between the teeth, while only 5% lie on the surface area. We sell state-of-the-art brushes that fit easily between all teeth sizes that clean these difficult to reach areas thoroughly and quickly, thereby removing harmful bacteria from your mouth.

With these measures, you can defeat tooth decay, bleeding gums and bad breath. Forever!

Yours Truly,

Kathrin and Christian Hanke




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